Thursday, August 19, 2010

The It Girl's Closet (Clean)

Pre-Loved items from me and my friends/sisters.

All items are either brand new, or worn once or twice only.


Note on these rules:

1. For serious buyers only. Please inform us if you wish to back out.

2. First come first serve basis.

3. Condition rating is based on personal opinion.

4. Reservation for items is strictly 24 hours only, Item(s) will be released if buyers fail to make payment in time. Kindly inform us if you need more time.

4. We will entertain orders by our "Get Me It" order forms first.

5. COD is no longer available anymore. Sorry babes.

6. Posting will be done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

7. No free postage, unless you like us on Facebook ya. =)

Last updated: 10 Oct 2011




Once Upon A Time, RM20 (Sold)

Floral Top, RM20 (Sold)

Polka Dot Crop Top, RM25 (Sold)

Zara Purple Long Spaghetti Tank, RM15

Floral Motif Slouchy Tee, RM15 (Sold)

Retro Print Sleeveless Top, RM20

Nude V-neck Butterfly Sleeves Top, RM25 (Sold)

Cutesy Cherries Crop Top, RM15

Nude Mesh Insert Draped Front Top, RM30 (Sold)

Mustard Tassles Cut-out Back Sleeveless Blouse, RM25 (Sold)

Studded Sweater, RM25 (Sold)


Floral Skirt, RM25

Military Skirt, RM25 (Sold)

High Waisted Shorts, RM25 (Sold)

Cotton On Tiered Skirt, RM25 (Sold)


Toga Panel Dress, RM30 (Sold)

Tube Dress with Lace Insert Waist, RM30

Ruched Chiffon Tube Dress, RM30

In The City, RM25 (Sold)

Blue Check Tube Dress, RM30

Versatile Nautical Stripes Dress, RM30

Black & Nude Babydoll Dress, RM30 (Sold)

Zara Summer Dress, RM35 (Sold)

Military Structured Sleeves Dress, RM30 (Sold)

Summer Vintage Dress, RM30 (Sold)

Sexy Maiden, RM20 (Sold)

Autumn Boho, RM20

Ruffled V-neck Sundress, RM20

BF Baseball Dress, RM25 (Sold)

Toga Goddess, RM35

Retro Baby, RM25 (Sold)

Geometric Print Dress - Tribal, RM30

Geometric Print Dress - Stripes, RM30 (Sold)

Angelic Babydoll, RM30 (Sold)

Forever 21 Leopard Babydoll, RM40

Mango MNG Electric Blue Cut-out Shoulders Dress, RM45 (Sold)

Supre Blue Printed Cut-out Back Bodycon Dress, RM40 (Sold)

Printed Tube Dress, RM30 (Sold)

One-sided Sleeve Bodycon Dress, RM30 (Sold)

Laced Shoulders Sweetheart Dress, RM30 (Sold)

Toga Lace Dress with Ruched Bottom, RM30 (Sold)

Lace Sweetheart Bodycon Dress, RM30 (Sold)

Lemon Sundress, RM25

Lacey Maxi, RM35


Juicy Couture-inspired Glam Bee Charm Bracelet, RM20 (Sold)


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